Episode 18: Special Guests Jaylon Byas and Jamaal Gardner


Comedians Jaylon Byas, Jamaal Gardner, and Jorge Machaen talk about failures, sports, race, and marriage. Very fun episode full of laughs.


Episode 17: Annoying Customers and Employees, Rough Week, Eight Am in San Francisco


Jorge rants about terrible tippers and terrible employees that come in drunk, hungover, or high... Really just useless employees, retail customers, getting pulled over, so much shit we can't remember. We talk about Eight Am in San Francisco, a great breakfast spot. Really fun episode.


Epsiode 16: Family Vacations, End of Summer Party and Edibles, Super Cucas in Santa Barbara


We talk about how I (Jorge) hate taking family vacations, eating edibles and taking a shower in the dark, and going to Super Cucas in Santa Barbara and eating amazing burritos. 


Episode 15: Bachelorette Parties, Disgusting Women, and Sugar Chrystals Bakery


Lauralee talks about a bachelorette party she went to, how gross women can be when they are together, and if you need a wedding cake hit up one of our favorite local spots Sugar Chrystals! Look them up on Facebook and Instagram.


Episode 14: We talk about spanking, anger management, and Kirchhoffs.


We talk about spanking and does it really turn people on... or in terms of discipline. We also talk about anger management, and one of the best places to eat Kirchhoffs!! I think I spelled it wrong. We answer some of your Facebook questions/statements.


Episode: 13 Bridal Shops, Outlet mall shopping (LADIES!!) and Queen of Sheba


Hey, guys we revert back to our unprofessionalism and don't have anything planned to talk about. We do talk about weird brides and people that lack common sense. We also discuss the Ethiopian restaurant Queen of Sheba in Louisville, KY. SO GOOD! and we also throw in Tequila Tsunami in Simpsonville, KY at an Outlet mall. 


Episode 12: We recorded on the way to Louisville, I farted, we discuss marriage, and Shake Shack


We did this podcast in the car on our way to Louisville. Sorry if it sounds weird. We also talk about Shake Shack on our Try It segment.


Episode 11: 4th of July, Cockroach, and Rendezvous in Memphis TN


On this episode we talk about our cheat meals and how our 4th of July fish fry made us feel. Also cockroaches in coffee mugs and BBQ in Memphis.


Check out Rendezvous in Memphis TN and have an awesome finger licking time.


We got a show this upcoming Wednesday at Dry Ground Brewery (July 5th) so come on out, it is free.


Episode 10: The County Fair, Cyber Bullying, and Southern Soul BBQ


We discuss the creatures of the county fair, that other chick that killed her boyfriend, older guys sleeping with younger girls and one of our favorite BBQ places in the country Southern Soul BBQ in St. Simons Island in Georgia.


Episode 9: Special Guest Jaylon Byas


Jaylon and I talk about the epiphony couch in the women's bathroom, kids not being able to read in the 11th grade, and life in general. 


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