Episode 29: Halloween, Trick or Treat, Cultural Appropriation, Hokkaido Grill and Sushi in Paducah KY.


Laura and I talk about some of out favorite Halloween memories, how much trick or treating has changed, and should people wear other culture costumes. We also talk about Hokkaido Grill and Sushi in Paducah KY.


Episode 28: Jorge Gets Ditched at Arby’s, Lauralee Breaks Up With A Text, Fattoush Cafe (Greek Restaurant) Nashville, TN


Jorge tells a story about getting ditched at Arby's. Lauralee talks about how she broke up with her first boyfriend over text. Our "Tryi It" segment is about Fatoush Cafe in Nashville, TN.


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Episode 27: Sexual Harassment, Moody Lauralee, Break Up Threats, and Tandoor in Jackson TN


Do not let the title fool you, we had a good conversation followed by a lot of laughs because of our frustrations at each other. Have a listen, rate us, come to our stand up shows.


Episode 26: Lying To Children, NBC Stand Up Diversity Audition, Chubbies in Santa Barbara CA


We talk about lying to children to get them to eat different foods, Jorge's NBC Audition, we talk about Nate Bumpus who is shooting a documentary on Jorge and Chubbies in Santa Barbara CA.


Episode 25: Jorge Eats Edibles and Becomes A Dancing Machine at a Wedding, and Palms Thai Restaurant in Hollywood, CA


Jorge emjoys some edibles during a wedding and becomes a dancing machine. We have a bunch of family visiting, and we talk about Palms Thai Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA. This episode is brought to you by Ignacio and Son Landscaping, and whoever sold those edibles.


Episode 24: Dragon Boat Races, Bad Gigs, Rot Bout in Werdorf Germany


Lauralee gets yelled at by a boat race coach, I talk about my car getting broken into in Indianapolis, IN, and Rot Bout in Werdorf Germany where they serve brautwurst, currywurst, wurst.


Episode 23: Another Bachelorette Party, Anal Beads, and Indian Palace in Somerset KY


Lauralee gets invited to another bachelorette party (she's so popular), learns about anal during a Pure Romance tutorial (lol), lip numbing lip gloss, nipple cream, and anal beads. This episode is brought to you by Ignacio & Son Landscaoing. Check out JorgeComedy.com for dates coming up.


Episode 22: Jorge’s Two Near Death Experiences, Drunk Lauralee Goes To Chik-fil-a, Gold Rush Cafe in Paducah, KY


Jorge almost dies  twice in one day, Lauralee gets drunk and goes to Chik-fil-a, and we talk about Gold Rush Cafe in Paducah, KY.


Episode 21: Awesome TV Shows, Awful Vacations/Big Families, Le Farfalle in Charleston, SC


We talk about some awesome shows on TV and Netflix, awful vacations because of big families, and Le Farfalle Italian Restaurant in Charleston South Carolina. This episode is sponsored by Ignacio and Son Landscaping. 


Episode 20: Our Friend’s Wedding, Being A Bridesmaid, Mayweather v McGregor, and Pappalecco Gelateria in San Diego


In this episode we tell our sides of a wedding and how we experienced it. Lauralee's first time being a bridesmaid, groomsmen, Mayweather vs McGregor, and one of the best Gelato places in the US (we have been to like 5 so...) Pappalecco in San Diego, CA.


This episode is brought to you by Ignacio and Son Landscaping and JorgeComedy.com 


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