Episode 23: Another Bachelorette Party, Anal Beads, and Indian Palace in Somerset KY


Lauralee gets invited to another bachelorette party (she's so popular), learns about anal during a Pure Romance tutorial (lol), lip numbing lip gloss, nipple cream, and anal beads. This episode is brought to you by Ignacio & Son Landscaoing. Check out JorgeComedy.com for dates coming up.


Episode 22: Jorge’s Two Near Death Experiences, Drunk Lauralee Goes To Chik-fil-a, Gold Rush Cafe in Paducah, KY


Jorge almost dies  twice in one day, Lauralee gets drunk and goes to Chik-fil-a, and we talk about Gold Rush Cafe in Paducah, KY.


Episode 21: Awesome TV Shows, Awful Vacations/Big Families, Le Farfalle in Charleston, SC


We talk about some awesome shows on TV and Netflix, awful vacations because of big families, and Le Farfalle Italian Restaurant in Charleston South Carolina. This episode is sponsored by Ignacio and Son Landscaping. 


Episode 20: Our Friend’s Wedding, Being A Bridesmaid, Mayweather v McGregor, and Pappalecco Gelateria in San Diego


In this episode we tell our sides of a wedding and how we experienced it. Lauralee's first time being a bridesmaid, groomsmen, Mayweather vs McGregor, and one of the best Gelato places in the US (we have been to like 5 so...) Pappalecco in San Diego, CA.


This episode is brought to you by Ignacio and Son Landscaping and JorgeComedy.com 


Episode 19: Clothes You Can’t Get Rid Of (Boring!!), Eclipse, and CO Vietnamese Restaurant in Charleston SC


We go everywhere in this episode! From the article of clothing you can't get rid of to Eclipse festivities, child trafficking, and the excitement behind it. We also talk about this Vietnamese restaurant we tried out when we went to Charleston SC called CO. 


Episode 18: Special Guests Jaylon Byas and Jamaal Gardner


Comedians Jaylon Byas, Jamaal Gardner, and Jorge Machaen talk about failures, sports, race, and marriage. Very fun episode full of laughs.


Episode 17: Annoying Customers and Employees, Rough Week, Eight Am in San Francisco


Jorge rants about terrible tippers and terrible employees that come in drunk, hungover, or high... Really just useless employees, retail customers, getting pulled over, so much shit we can't remember. We talk about Eight Am in San Francisco, a great breakfast spot. Really fun episode.


Epsiode 16: Family Vacations, End of Summer Party and Edibles, Super Cucas in Santa Barbara


We talk about how I (Jorge) hate taking family vacations, eating edibles and taking a shower in the dark, and going to Super Cucas in Santa Barbara and eating amazing burritos. 


Episode 15: Bachelorette Parties, Disgusting Women, and Sugar Chrystals Bakery


Lauralee talks about a bachelorette party she went to, how gross women can be when they are together, and if you need a wedding cake hit up one of our favorite local spots Sugar Chrystals! Look them up on Facebook and Instagram.


Episode 14: We talk about spanking, anger management, and Kirchhoffs.


We talk about spanking and does it really turn people on... or in terms of discipline. We also talk about anger management, and one of the best places to eat Kirchhoffs!! I think I spelled it wrong. We answer some of your Facebook questions/statements.


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