Episode 39: Boston MA, “I’m about to sh*t myself”, Eataly in Boston.


Lauralee almost poops her pants!! We are glad to be back to our normal schedule. This one is a slow one, we are still trying to get back into the groove of things. Check my website out for upcoming days!


Episode 38: Lauralee Joins The Friendship Comedy Tour, Wrecking In Ft. Wayne, IN, Monetizing Fetishes, Wrigley Field Comedy Night


Lauralee joins us on this very special podcast with Matt Linville. We talk about how the tour is going so far, almost dying (again), and how to monetize fetishes. 


Episode 37: Pizzapocalypse!! Naps!! Performing at Sweet Sippin in Simpsonville SC, and Leono’s Pizza in Cynthiana, KY


Our second day of the tour and we had a day filled with free breakfast, nap, pizza buffet, mall walking, more napping, and performing at Sweet Sippin in Simpsonville, SC where everyone was super nice... ole southern hospitality. 

We also talk about Leono's Pizza in Cynthiana KY for our "Try It" segment.


Episode 36: Friendship Comedy Tour with Matt Linville, Greenville Comedy Zone, and Fryman Hilltop in Cynthiana KY


The first episode of our tour. We make our first stop in Greenville SC at the Comedy Zone. We stay at a great hotel called TownePlace Suites by Marriott. We talk about budgeting with Burger King coupons and surviving the long drive.


Episode 35: New York City, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Southern Hospitality (Justin Timberlake’s Restaurant)


We talk about our New York City part of our vacation. Our experinece with walking in Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Rockefeller Plaza, and eating at Southern Hospitality.


Episode 34: Washington DC, Homeless People, We The Pizza in Washington DC


We are back and we are talking about Washington DC and how surprisingly cool it was, homeless people, Arlington Cemetary, Smithsonian Museum, Capital Building, etc. Of course for our Try It segment we talk about We The Pizza, so delicious!!


Episode 33: Black Friday, Road Rage Lauralee Part 3, Hominy Grill in Charleston , SC


We talk about Black Friday shopping and shoppers, being broke, and Hominy Grill in Charleston SC.


Episode 32: Saving Money On Our Vacation, Groupon, Callie’s Little Biscuits in Charleston, SC


I talk about how we are saving money using AirBnB, Mega Bus, Lyft, and Groupon. Lauralee is excited about being a basic white girl. We talk about Callie's Little Biscuits in Charleston, SC and their tasty biscuits. 


Episode 31: Hunting, Serial Killers, El Sazon in Paducah KY.


We talk about the beginning of deer hunting season, being a good lover, serial killers, the show Mind Hunters on Netflix, and El Sazon in Paducah KY.


Episode 30: Lauralee Has Road-Rage, Cheating In A Relationship, The Lobster Shack At Two Lights in Cape Elizabeth Maine


Lauralee has a parking lot argument, we talk about what would happen if I came home and HEARD her cheating on me, some shows coming up, The Lobster Shack At Two Lights and their world famous lobster rolls in Cape Elizabeth in Maine.


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