Episode 44: Bachelorette Party, Wedding Night, Max’s Brick Oven Pizza


Lauralee talks about being hungover until the morning of our wedding. Jorge has a killer bachelor party involving sushi and carrot juice. We talk about Max's Brick Oven Pizza for our "Try It" segment. 


Our unofficial sponsors are Jeremy Lee Bachuss Photography, Erin Hendley of FACE Makeup Artistry, and Megan Carter (Hairdresser) at Fringe Salon, and Alicia Galusha (Hairdresser) at Dylan's Salon.  


Episode 43: World Cup, Mexico vs Germany, Losing Bets, El Sazon.


Golazo!! Today we talk about one of the greatest upsets in World Cup history and losing a bet because of it. We talk about an almost near death experience at Cracker Barrell, Father's Day, and El Sazon!


Episode 42: Special Guest DJ Wood, Pride Month, Sexting, Snapchat, and Facebook Questions.


Tonight we have a special guest, DJ Wood in the house!!! We talk about Pride Month, Pride Day in Nashville aka The Purge for straight dudes, bad head, bad dick pics, and we answer some questions from Facebook!!!!


Episode 41: Lauralee returns! We talk about her trip to Germany, her family, and some handball team she flirted with. Drurden (or however you spell it).


Lauralee comes back from Germany 5 pounds heavier after drinking all the beer, eating all the weiners, and meeting a handball team (which really means a bunch of dudes that play with their balls). 

She talks about some historical sites she went to (get the tissue out, we all get allergies).


Episode 40: House-Sitting and Pet-Sitting, Everything DID Go Wrong! Arnold’s Grub Shack


Today Jorge does a solo podcast because Laura is in Germany. He talks about cat vomit (hairballs), losing an 93 year old dog, and the worst day he has had in many weeks... months even.


Episode 39: Boston MA, “I’m about to sh*t myself”, Eataly in Boston.


Lauralee almost poops her pants!! We are glad to be back to our normal schedule. This one is a slow one, we are still trying to get back into the groove of things. Check my website out for upcoming days!


Episode 38: Lauralee Joins The Friendship Comedy Tour, Wrecking In Ft. Wayne, IN, Monetizing Fetishes, Wrigley Field Comedy Night


Lauralee joins us on this very special podcast with Matt Linville. We talk about how the tour is going so far, almost dying (again), and how to monetize fetishes. 


Episode 37: Pizzapocalypse!! Naps!! Performing at Sweet Sippin in Simpsonville SC, and Leono’s Pizza in Cynthiana, KY


Our second day of the tour and we had a day filled with free breakfast, nap, pizza buffet, mall walking, more napping, and performing at Sweet Sippin in Simpsonville, SC where everyone was super nice... ole southern hospitality. 

We also talk about Leono's Pizza in Cynthiana KY for our "Try It" segment.


Episode 36: Friendship Comedy Tour with Matt Linville, Greenville Comedy Zone, and Fryman Hilltop in Cynthiana KY


The first episode of our tour. We make our first stop in Greenville SC at the Comedy Zone. We stay at a great hotel called TownePlace Suites by Marriott. We talk about budgeting with Burger King coupons and surviving the long drive.


Episode 35: New York City, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Southern Hospitality (Justin Timberlake’s Restaurant)


We talk about our New York City part of our vacation. Our experinece with walking in Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Rockefeller Plaza, and eating at Southern Hospitality.


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